Club play and club play rules 2017 - 18

Club play


• Team coaching from 7-8 pm provided by club
Players eligible.  Men’s 1 and 2 and Ladies 1. A list in club house
• Team coaching  from 8 - 9pm  provided by the club
Players eligible. Men’s 3 and 4 and Ladies 2. A list in club house.
(£3 for balls and lights. Sessions subsidised by club but run by coaching team)


All standards 6.30-9.30pm


All standards 7- 9.30. Often a meal is arranged following this which members are very welcome to join. Everyone will need to contribute to this. For any questions please contact Ron or Julie Cooper mob 07832 220859 or 0208 316 4265.

Please note, if a box league match or ratings match is in progress when club play is due to start and a result can be achieved within 2 games the match can be completed. If this is not the case then the match must stop and members must return at another time to complete the match. Box league/ratings matches must be arranged out of club play sessions. Junior competitions are from 5-7pm each Friday. Please check the website for more details.

All standards 2-4pm. An American Tournament for all members will be held on the last Sunday of every month 2-4pm. The cost will be £6. There must be a minimum of 12 players signed up for it to take place. Please check website for details and posters inside the clubhouse. You must sign in to take part. Please do not turn up on the afternoon unannounced.


Club play rules
• All evening play must finish by 9.30pm if lights are used. Please remember to leave the club quietly and respect the neighbours.
• Doubles to be played at all times unless not enough members present.
• Singles can only be played if everyone present is included.
ALL members are to mix in following the club etiquette.
• Matches are to be a short set with the first to 4 games ( if 3-3 then to play a tie break)
• Club balls to be used. These are kept in a locked cupboard in the club house.


Please would all members leave the club quietly and think of our neighbours